“What URLs are important for this project?”

When you take over an existing project, it’s often a chaotic process to assemble all the relevant data.

There’s of course the www.<project> website, that part is easy. But there’s also a stage.<project>, where the staging is done. There’s a status.<project> which is a separate website on a separate (shared) hosting. There’s a monitor.<project> which is a dashboard provided by an external (paid) monitoring service. There’s jobs.<project> which is just a redirect to www.<project>/jobs/apply, which means you cannot change the destination URL. There’s the Azure server hosting, the AWS S3 static content hosting, the domain name provider, the Cloudflare CDN. There’s 8 paid services paid from 3 different credit cards. There are 23 passwords saved in 2 different password managers.

Who can keep track of all that?

This is what Churlie is meant to do. A wallet with all the relevant information for all your projects, so that they become easy to manage, easy to recover, easy to transfer to a new manager/team/company.

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